DAY 16

The roller coaster ride of QBank continues. I bounce up and down every day never straying more than 5 points from a mean of 54% (predicting a 217). On the positive side: there is an upward trend for my average scores between weeks one and two, I haven't seen below a 50% in about a week and I finally hit 60% correct for the first time last friday. Some people recommend tracking your previous 300 questions as a marker of how you're coming along (I've pretty much stayed the same since the beginning).

I'm starting to become somewhat concerned with Kaplan's QBank score estimator. I don't quite know if I trust medical students to report their scores honestly. Bolstering that distrust is the +/- 16 point standard deviation that Kaplan tacked on it's disclaimer to account for the many ways that people use it. Basically, they're telling me that I'll score anywhere between barely passing to a legitimately good score depending on the alignment of Mars in the house of Jupiter.

Just to put my mind at ease a bit, I'm going to take one of the NBME exams this week to get a better idea of how things are really going. My goal is 225-230. I've got 3 weeks left to bring up my scores...seems pretty reasonable to me!!

To all those out there slaving away in the libraries for the step 1: good luck.
To all those about to start their residencies: enjoy the nice weather while you can.

Day 17 update: Dipped below 50% again today! Karmic retribution I tell you...or maybe the fact that I apparently don't read the questions.
Day 17 update 2: Now I bounced back above 50% on my second set of questions...I hate Qbank

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