Day 18: QBank can suck my nuts 2

Two words come to mind at this moment: F**K QBank

Why??? For pouring aviation grade fuel onto the growing pyre of my academic insecurity. I took my first NBME today and I did better than I thought I would. Granted, the rumor is that Form 1 is much easier than the actual exam. Then again, half of what I'm going off of is conjecture cooked up by the nut-jobs over on SDN who toss around their 120 hour study schedules, 260/99 scores, and junior AOA nominations like they're the second coming of MSG (just kidding RAG). The other half is being cooked up as I go.

At the half way point of this joyous process:
  • I can say that I'm going to pass the exam...with a 95% confidence interval
  • I have no idea where I actually stand...I cold barely pass I could do above average!
  • I'm forgetting things that I've already studied...which doesn't bode well for the day before the exam.
  • My self-confidence has wavered to a new low as you could probably tell by yesterday's post
  • The undermining of my self-confidence is causing me to lose sleep
  • Running, crappy TV, blogging, the Red Sox, and my girlfriend are the only things keeping me sane at this point
  • June 23rd is going to cause more gray hair than it's worth. June 24th is going to be the best day of medical school...unless I tank
18 days of the suck left...

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Resident Anesthesiologist Guy (RAG) said...

Yeah, feel your pain. I avoided SDN like crazy just because of the fake gunners that like to hype themselves. I only ever used form 1 on the NBME diagnostics - and it was within 5 point of both Steps 1 and 2. I've also heard many people say it was easier - but I just didn't want to spend another $40 when I was happy with the score I received.

Good luck on the exam.