Day 23...

It wasn't until I looked at the countdown in the upper right hand corner that realized that I have less than 2 weeks left in this slog. HOLY CRAP... LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!! I better start studying harder!

I cracked the halfway point of Qbank a little bit ago...1200 questions down so far! Only another 1100 to go. I'm still pretty burnt out from the combo of studying and the ungodly heat+humidity is conspiring to rob me of my sleep and mental outlet of running. It went from a lovely seasonable 65-70F to 95F (typical of the mid-Atlantic in August) over the course of a few hours. Thankfully the Valley we're in cools down to the 60's at night so it's tolerable after 10PM, but it still takes a couple hours to cool down/ventilate the apartment.

I tried to get a run in nice and early yesterday so I would avoid the heat. Fat chance...even though I was out on the road at 8AM (I'm not much of a morning person, mind you) I realized that it was going to be a crappy run within the first 20 steps. On the run out, I kept my pace about 30 seconds/mile lower than usual and ran shirtless to keep cool enough to move (I normally avoid it out of modesty/how nerdtastic I look with my HR strap on). I thought I was going to die, I haven't sweat that much ever! I decided to I cut a mile off the total distance to save the GF a drive to find my lifeless body on the side of the road. The run back was absolute torture. I had expected to drop the pace a bit more to keep from dying on the way back, but I could barely maintain a jog...it was only like 80 at that point, but the humidity combined with my stupid decision not to eat anything before I ran knocked me on my butt. I finished the run alive, and didn't stop sweating until I took a nice cold shower...

Lessons learned:
1) The Library has free AC, I should have been studying instead
2) It really does take 7-10 days to acclimate to gnarly heat like this...
3) Wake up earlier, eat something and don't push it too hard on hot days!
4) Cold showers are a good stand in for AC...for about 10 minutes.

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