Day 11

Now I don't want to sound too positive here, since there have been karmic rebound effects when I have done so in the past. After locking my books in the library for the weekend, I've realized that my answers actually reflect my knowledge when I'm not completely freaking exhausted taking the questions at the end of a day of studying. I caught myself blatantly not reading questions and blankly staring at the screen...it was pretty awesome.

Since that realization, I've had a string of better performances in a row and have even managed to do(slightly) better than the Kaplan averages a few times, which is marginally positive news to me...we'll see if I can keep up the positive trend!

Anyway, I've been tagged by Dragonfly for a meme.

7 songs I like right now:

O Fortuna
- Carmina Burana, Carl Orff: I sang it in college and it's been in that series of Gatorade commercials during the Celts games...it sometimes pops into my head.

School's Out for Summer- Alice Cooper: Because it's almost summer and I'm not stuck in NY going to mandatory classes...even though I'll be spending most of my summer stealing the free AC in OR.

Son of a Sailor-
Jimmy Buffett: just an awesome song...

RHCP: One of my all time favorite bands, just saw the video on You Tube a few days ago and it's a good song.

Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangster- Geto Boys: Makes me want to commit violent acts against office equipment...and it gets stuck in my head sometimes despite the fact that I don't know most of the lyrics.

Boston- Augustana: They did a pretty sweet live acoustic version on NPR this weekend that you can stream for free along with some of their new stuff. I liked it before it was all over TV too.

The Bluegrass Sessions- Bela Fleck and the Flecktones: Banjo music rocks...

And pretty much anything by Altan or Danu...I've been getting into Celtic music lately because it's subdued enough to put on in the background while I study.


Dragonfly said...

That song from Carmina Burana was in a beer commercial here, probably the best beer ad ever (and I am not a beer drinker so that says something).

Albinoblackbear said...

If you like Bela Fleck--check out his Perpetual Motion CD. Prime studying music and mind boggling that he's making classical music with a banjo. It's not kitch. It's phenomenal.