Day 5...

According to QBank, 5 days of moderately intense studying has apparently made me less knowledgable. The first 3 days of studying, I was where I thought I should be in relation to my previous assessments. I even started to show an upward trend (as much of a trend as you can see with 3 points). I was able make a good number of the diagnoses from the description and when I could't I was using the questions to answer the questions, which is usually sound test taking strategy.

However, days 4 and 5 have kicked my ass and squashed my budding self confidence. If I had to pull something positive out of this mess, I'm consistently getting the vast majority of the initial diagnoses correct, which means that I have some vague idea of what's going on. The bad news is that the vaguely worded questions combined with the 2-5 step jumps in logic that Kaplan likes to toss into the mix are tripping me up. I'm kicking myself for not learning things in an integrated fashion during my courses...looks like it's time to do so now!!! That and I've forgotten most of anatomy as it relates to pathological conditions.

Innervation? Forget about it!

The inguinal canal? Yeah some stuff goes through it and there's a couple of rings...not good enough!

Brachial plexus? Roots, Trunks, Divisions, Cords, Branches (randy travis drinks cold beer)...you want me to know what they do and where they go AND DERMATOMES??? Crap!

Well I'm going back to snuggle in the cold, pages of my First Aid and Step 1 Secrets. To all of ya'll out there studying...good luck.

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windycitylotus said...

anyone named 'candy' with an attitude like that deserves to get their shoes puked on.

thanks for your comment, and best of luck on the USMLE!