Biochem is an absolute slog...even for someone who was once considering it as a career choice. It's surprising how much of it is sitting in the recesses of my mind looking somewhat familiar...but there's still a whole bunch that is completely gone.

I'm quickly falling back into a bad habit where I pretty much find any excuse not to pay attention to what's open in front of me...especially when my laptop is within arms reach. I'm going to have to start leaving the lappy in it's case with the battery and charger hidden in the next county until I get bored enough of reading/highliting/noting to do some questions.

Overall, I'm getting the feeling that First Aid isn't quite enough for many topics that QBank is tossing at me,it is REALLY just the bare bones of the topics/diseases. To make matters even more confusing, QBank also seems a bit more in depth than the NBME exams that I've taken at school...the two step logic jump that Kaplan is asking for is quite a leap at times. For example, the question will give a fairly in depth clinical presentation and ask where the chromosomal abnormality is, or clinical scenario and ask what drug should be given. They bash you over the head with the clinical presentation, but then make the second step slightly harder. I found the NBME's to be slightly less picky in the answers they give.

But for day two of torture, I'm ok with how things are going overall, I'm just hoping to see an upward trend in QBank over the next week or so.

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M said...

Biochemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic... Call it what you want but it's a bitch and a half if it has "chemistry" within it.

And here I was, thinking that the end of highschool marked an end in my days as a chemistry honours student.

I considered chemical engineering (or at least a PhD in organic chemistry) for a while. That is, until I realised how much I despised it