Day 8....I'm a dumbass

I had a rather unproductive day reviewing pharmacology yesterday, and decided to pack it in early and finish up my daily QBank questions at home. I neatly stacked my books up and put them on the shelf of my reserved carrel in the library, plunked the lappy into it's case and took my nice little walk home through the center of town. I did my questions, had some dinner and went for a run.

I was laying in bed watching the Celts game and I all of a sudden had a sinking feeling. In the nexus of time that is studying for the boards, I failed to remember that it's Memorial Day weekend and that the library is closed until TUESDAY, locked up tight with my books inside. Smooth move DUMBASS. Now I'm stuck with only a copy of HY Neuro and a BRS Biochem, royally screwing up my schedule. Oh well, looks like I'm taking my catch-up day a bit early and starting Neuro 2 weeks before I planned on it.

On a more annoying note, QBank is still kicking my ass. I had one bright day of performance where I almost broke 60%, and then dipped back down to the depths of craptastic with my worst performance to date. Not to make excuses, but the GF did have the TV on in the background, and I was pretty tired at that point too. How I can study for an entire week and do worse than taking the exam cold, I'll never understand. At least there's still a month of studying left....

On the bright side, I had a nice run down a new road yesterday. The route follows the river through the outskirts of town and turns into a quiet pine-lined dirt road and ends at a pretty sweet steel-truss bridge (my great grandfather was a bridge engineer...it's in the blood) leading to the downtown of the next village across the river. I was feeling great on the way out, but kind of wanted to toss my cookies a various points on the way back.

I'll have to post some pictures of my new favorite running routes...having a nice view makes the run more tolerable.

UPDATE: So about 2 hours after posting the above, I somehow bounced up to my highest performance yet. This yo-yo performance is pretty aggravating...I just hope I can drag both extremes up.

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M said...

It's unnerving to have marks fluctuate so much but remember, the boards are a marathon.

Adaptiveness is good, even in light of a screw over to an otherwise perfect schedule.

Keep on trucking!