Yankee Stadium Revisited

Every time I head down to the Bronx to watch a ball game I get a few too many beers into me and awesomeness ensues:

I'm generally not a well liked person within the walls of Yankee Stadium, and I'm OK with that for the most part. I understand that two of the best teams in baseball play each other 18 times a year. I know that it's going to be a 4 hour game with plenty of action. I know that I'm going to be screamed at for the entirety of those 4 hours and every portion of my life will be insulted. I usually have a few drinks so that I can appreciate the atmosphere and lower my inhibitions about yelling insults at perfect strangers and their mothers. So here's how the night went:

  • Within about 30 seconds of opening the car doors in the parking garage, my friend and I are booed mercilessly. So we tailgated for a while because $10.50 for a Hineken is obscene.
  • On the way up to our 3rd tier seats, I stop to buy a beer for the walk up to our alcohol free seating. The beer lady looks at me and says with the thickest accent she can muster "NO, I don't serve any Red Sox fans". The other beer lady came over and poured me a beer...and she got a tip too!
  • We exit the concourse onto the third tier seating. My friend and I remained standing to finish our beers, and we were greeted by an intoxicated fan's "Hey, go F--- yourself and your mother". Officer Del Reye of the NYPD had a nice chat with him and I felt a little bit safer.
  • Later on, I'm waiting in line for the Men's room (only place on earth I've ever experienced this) and I get my favorite insult of the night. "Hey! You in the Sox jersey! Your penis is attached to you vagina!" I looked at the guy for a second, marveling at his stupidity, and said "I don't even know what that means." He shrugged and left...by far the best insult I've ever received because it was hilarious for everyone
Regardless, the Sox lost 15-9 that night and I went home a very unhappy Bostonian. Fortunately, this time, I didn't have to take the train home and get involved into shouting matches with the entire train car that lead to me being escorted to another car"spirited conversations" the whole way home.

EDIT: One of my friends that was at the game sent me the following link saying that this could have easily been me. I'm not a violent person by nature so I think he was a little bit off, but check it out anyway!

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The Lone Coyote said...

I watched a good chunk of that 15-9 loss on TV at the gym. I was really pissed cuz any day the Yankees lose is a good day in my book. I love the insult you got. Glad you survived :)