The numbers

Total days as a med student: 409
Days left as a med student: 970
Med School induced grey hairs: ~20 on the head and 1 in the beard
Exams this Friday: 2
Pages of Robbins read: around 350-400
Months until Step 1: 9
Months until the wards: 10
Debt accumulated so far: $122,000
Approximate debt left to accumulate: $140,000
Approximate loan payments: $3000/mo for the rest of my natural life
Non-medical friends that I talk to on a regular basis: 2 (one of whom is pre-med)

Hours of sleep last night: 5
Sleep debt this week: 12 hours
Cups of coffee consumed today: 1 (22 0z DD "Great One"=1 cup in my world)
Carcinogens in coffee: aproximately 200 (Robbins and Cotran PBD 7th ed., page 446)
Home cooked meals this week: 1
Purchased meals this week: too many
Hours of exercise this week: 0
Days off of the end of my life due to this week: 365

Beers to be consumed after exams: 6+
Hepatocytes and neurons lost to binge drinking: THOUSANDS, thank you hepatic regeneration! (Robbins and Cotran PBD, 7th ed., chapter 2)


The Lone Coyote said...

Good luck with exams... this too shall pass.

Bostonian in NY said...

thanks LC! nice case study posts by the way.

Magdalene said...

You write very well.