Boston discount...

As most of you probably know by now, I'm a Bostonian stuck in my own little slice of hell known as New York for the next 3 or so years...(PLEASE UMASS TAKE ME FOR RESIDENCY!!!!!!!!!) From time to time (3-4 days a week) I'll make the unforgivable folly of wearing one of my Red Sox shirts out into public which usually unleashes a tirade of steaming vitriolic hatred upon me from the locals. Latest episode happened today:

Walking into school to print something out. A crowd of the big wigs is walking by including the dean of the ENTIRE MEDICAL COLLEGE!
Dean of School: RED SOX? (shakes head in disapproval walking away)
Me: Sorry Dean, I'm from Boston, it's in my blood.
Dean of School: (Mutters something to his colleagues, they all smirk and look at me)
Me: (to self) Great, there goes my dean's letter.

It's around 11 and instead of going to my intro to nutrition class, I'm out with my roomates running some errands. I hadn't had breakfast yet, so I decide to run into a deli to grab a quick sandwich while my roomate is getting gas.

Deli owner: How ya doin'?
Me: Fine, how are you?
Deli owner: (Stoping dead in the midst of stocking the drink refrigerator) YOU KNOW YOU'RE AWFUL BALLSY WEARING THAT RED SOX SHIRT AROUND HERE
Me: Yeah yeah, born into it man...sorry. I'll have a turkey, lettuce and tomato with cheddar.
Me: (Beaming back to spite him) Yeah

So I basically stare at the guy for the next few minutes while he's making my sandwich to make sure that I don't get any special sauce

Deli owner's son: HEY DAD, should I give him the Boston Discount?
Me: Very funny...
Deli owner's son: That'll be 50 bucks (register says $7.42)

I even left the guy a tip for the little ray of sunshine he stamped out of my day. The sandwich, by the way, was pretty good!

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