Feeling OLD, update

The combination of moving my little brother into college at Northeastern (as a frosh) and hanging out with some family friends at the beach who are entering their last year of college, has made this Bostonian feel very old. It seems like just yesterday that I moved into college and met so many of my good friends, finally grew up outside of my parents' sphere of influence, drank my first beer, met the love of my life and all the wonderfulness that comes with going to college. And now my 6 year younger brother is getting to do the same thing.

I remember holding him in the hospital when he was born...now he'll be an adult. I just feel old. No wonder my mom cries so much...

Good news is that I got my final Day in on Nauset Beach (Robbins and Cotran came along) for the year. It was a beautiful day, the water was warm (60ish) and it was nice to see the actual sun and some non-med school folks for a couple hours. Although, I may be the first person in history to actually get a Robbins tan (consisting of a rectangular, book-shaped pale spot across my lap, beyond the normal shorts tan).

Anyway, I'm still working on a write up of my backpacking trip experiences in my spare time, so stay tuned for that...it's completely non-medically related though. I'm still about 60-80 pages back in Robbins, so priorities need to be met first...I'll get to writing soon enough. Until next time
~Bostonian in NY

(PS...7 games up in the East after being swept by the Yanks doesn't look too bad at all. Especially when the yanks lose 2 of 3 to the D-Rays and continue their slide against the Mariners which simultaneously drags them closer to playoff elimination in both the AL east and wildcard races. I love Baseball in September...too bad I only have one more Fenway game left before October.)

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