NY Rant

Being from Boston, I am fairly accustomed to impatient people, an arcane public transportation system and the far-too-early closure of said transit system. I had a little adventure that took the cake in pain-in-the-ass transit in the Big Apple. Here's the time table:

11:31 PM- Flight lands at JFK
11:41- Pick up mandatorally checked baggage (so that I could bring shaving cream, deodorant and toothpaste on to my friends wedding in San Francisco)
11:45- Arrive at the "Air Train" station (dedicated train that loops around JFK and goes to 2 separate subway stations. Sign says that the train is going to both stations subway...which is not possible
11:53- First train arrives, without the sign changing
11:55- Leave the first train at the next stop, attendant announces that the train is indeed going to the wrong station
12:07- Next train arrives. Sign says it's going to my station, attendant says it's going to the other station. Impatient people flood off of train, train looses power at the station for two minutes and then leaves.
12:19- Next train arrives, sign and attendant agree that this is the train that I (and 200 angry New Yorkers) want to be on. Cram into car, listen to some guy's story (that contained more 4 lettered F-words than I've ever heard in a minute long rant).
12:31- Arrive at desired station, buy MTA card for exorbitant fee ($5 for a 2 mile ride)
12:32- Discover that the inbound side of the station is under construction so both trains are running on the outbound side of the station every 20 minutes or so.
12:40- First train arrives...no indication of which way it's going...I guess it's the wrong way.
12:53- Next train arrives going the other way...no indication of which way it's going... I guess it's the right way. Fortunately they don't make the announcement UNTIL THE DOORS ARE CLOSED.
1:38- Arrive at 53rd and Lexington...15 minutes to get onto the 6 train and down to Grand central
1:43- No train...10 minutes to go, no train
1:45- No train...7 minutes to get on the next train, get to my train at Grand central...not gonna happen. Attendant says the next train is about 10 minutes away...
1:46- Run up to the corner of Lexington, grab a cab and offer a huge tip if he can get me to Grand Central in 5 minutes...
1:50- Arrive at Grand Central, drop $10 for the cabbie's valiant land speed record attempt.
1:52- Run to platform 23, hop on the train, take a deep breath
2:43- Get off train, get picked up by my friend.
3:00- HOME...bed after 10+ hours of traveling.

It's times like 1:46 in the morning in the middle of the NYC subway system feeling completely stranded that I miss Boston. 2 years, 10 months, and 17 days until I leave the Empire State.

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