Where I've been, where I'm going...

My 5-year college reunion was a great time (except for the 2 day hangover and some time-traveling) and it did give me a chance to catch up with a bunch of quality folks that I hadn't seen in far too long. With the newly minted MD after my name, mt friend's girlfriend altered my nametag to read Dr. Bostonian. I spent a lot of time explaining to the non-med folks why I've disappeared for the last 5 years, what I am up to and why I didn't have much control over where I'll be for the next 3. Of course the medical people gravitated toward each other to, took turns calling eachother Doctor, figured out where everyone is heading for residency. Then we drank, ate some crappy mass-produced food that wasn't worth the price of admission, drank and danced until about midnight (exact timeline is hazy) when they kicked us out because we're not in college anymore.

One of my best friends was there, despite being in the middle of studying for his Step 1 at the end of the June. I met him at his apartment to drop off some books and to pre-game the reunion. I walked in on him in his studying nest, going over a block of q-bank questions. He had that all too familiar look of despair, sleep deprivation and fraying sanity that all med students have during boards time. How I don't miss those days...at all. At least he was showered and his girlfriend had made him change his clothes unlike some other med students I know .

Those two glimpses back on where I've been made me think all the more about where I'm heading. I start up this week with some health clearance awesomeness (yay for being stabbed with needles and having strangers touch my genitals and watch me pee!). Then I have a weekend off to get settled and help my former roomate move into his new digs (for a nominal fee of beer/dinner). And then shit gets real with some ACLS training and ATLS and formal orientation activities where I get my ID, long white coats and monogrammed scrubs.

Luckily my program is big on residents having a life outside of the hospital, and EM residents are limited to 65 hours nationally now so life will be awesome! My program also dedicates the first month an orientation month with lots of didactics/labs, reduced clinical hours and several gatherings/outings.

For now I'm just trying to get the ever-expanding list of home-improvement stuff done at my parents' house (STILL PAINTING!!! just a little bit of trim and a second coat on one bedroom left). I'm definitely looking forward to completing my move and building all of my fancy new Ikea furniture (that store is the DEVIL!), adopting a pup and getting my frigging life on its way already. I'm especially looking forward to playing with my little graduation presents to myself (plasma tv and a 4 season tent).

Until then, I'll be huffing paint fumes (too bad we buy the low volatility latex stuff) and talking to myself while lying on the floor to paint the baseboards...not a pretty picture.

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Albinoblackbear said...

Dog. Move. Monogrammed scrubs.


I know...I know...all in due time. All in due time.

P.S I changed into a different pair of sweat pants today. Shirt however is the same.