I've realized that my brain has been completely shut off for the past 6-8 weeks. Nothing new coming in (except for experiences and beer) and nothing creative (or even remotely intelligent) coming out. So in an effort to not kill every patient that I see over the first week of internship, I have tried about a dozen times to crack open my copy of the ACLS book to get the brain rolling with some fundamentals...and then I fail miserably. I've loaded the cd to try and get something useful to fire a neuron or two...and I get through a few of the preview questions and then find something on TV like my beloved baseball team, the NBA Finals, a soccer match or really anything with moving pictures that isn't studying.

It's going to be a long intern year...
-One friend is on call Q3 in the CCU for all of July
-Another friend is in a military OB/GYN program and has to be in at "Oh dark thirty" (aka the butt crack of dawn)
-I'm working a half schedule in the ED and have class two days a week for July...not too shabby

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The Lone Coyote said...

I am right there with you. We got our PALS and NRP books and I have yet to open them. Yikes. I'm trying to enjoy my last 2 weekends in a row for the next 3 years... it is the last thing I want to be doing!

It is awesome that EM limited you to 65 hrs. You are going to have a really nice life, especially after intern year.