After suffering through HOURSSSSSSSSSS of GME orientation and VA orientation over the past two days, jumping through the flaming rings of paperwork/med school/repetitive PPD tests I have some schwag that says Dr. Bostonian, MD and a matching prescription pad.

EM orientation tomorrow where I get my monogrammed scrubs and free lunch, a few days off and then evenings for July 3 and 4...I'm on the med/cards side of the ED, so I won't have too many fireworks injuries but I'm willing to bet I'll get my fair share of CHF exacerbations from cookouts...too bad I have to work the first major holiday...hopefully it's not a recurring theme!


Resident Anesthesiologist Guy (RAG) said...

Good luck on your intern year. I remember it still - starting in the ED, July 1, scared outta my mind. I still pucker a bit when I think about it...

But it goes by, and you grow, learn, and sooner than you think the year's up and you're stronger, wiser, but still scared.

Dragonfly said...