When the hell did I get 16,000 viewings??

The combination of longer hours in the hospital, getting back into running, some peer-advisory stuff, the return of new TV (TopChef and How I Met Your Mother) and Netflix (TM) have conspired to knock the will to blog out of me lately. I've got a few ideas on the brain that might be interesting to share...but I also have my peds shelf coming up in a few weeks.

Apparently people have started to read by blog for some reason or another. I'm not quite sure why...but thank you for looking at the blog 16,000 times. I was playing around with the new gadgets so please note the addition of the followers gadget and my new countdown to the end of medical school...feel free to stick yourself on there and I'll reciprocate!

I've also started using an add-on for Firefox called Scribefire to write my posts and it's been great so far...just thought I'd share a free utility.

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