The rest of the week the Peds ED

So I've nearly had just about every bodily substance pass by my general direction while torturing the kiddies for the past 6 days. I've seen everything from perfectly behaved children who don't even bat an eye while you poke them with needles to 4 year olds that require 5 full-sized adults to hold them down to look in the ears. I've seen parents who would do anything to make sure that their very sick children get healthy to some of the dumbest, drug addicted DNA donors that I've ever met.

What I've learned:
-A thorough H&P will pretty much give you the right diagnosis 9 times out of 10...be thorough and cautious.
-Parent's ideas of what constitutes an emergency and what is an actual medical emergency are two very different things
-Schools and daycares are germ factories. Wash your hands or you'll catch a stupid URI that will suck the life out of you.
-Kids puke for almost anything at all: Strep- puke, PNA-puke, Cold- puke, Flu- puke, AGE-puking alot, intusceception- puke, bad mood-puke, poor self image- puke,
-Not every
-Eyes are disgusting...conjunctivitis is gross, eye herpes is perhaps the scariest thing in the world.

Finally, I love the ED...undifferentiated patients, procedures, trauma, medicine, primary care, decent pace to keep me from slacking, a good lifestyle, near-instant access to resources, being the floodgates...it's awesome. Yeah, it's a shitty field in many other respects but I'll deflate that baloon full of niave optimism when the time comes.

NICU next week, with exams...should be a fun week.

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The Lone Coyote said...

Ahh, the Peds ED. Definitely the highlight of my 3rd year. Glad to see you're surviving.