Not quite dead yet

Surgery is going OK entering the 4th week. I've come to realize that I've had my head up my ass for the past 3 weeks and was putting my energy into the wrong areas. Now I get to spend the next 5 weeks trying to make up for that...hooray. I've got a few half finished posts that I'll finish and put up some time in september...but for now the beatings will continue until morale improves.

For the unofficial Blogger record, I was in the hospital for about 90 hours last week as a medical student...you can imagine what the resident's lives are like!

Oh and I'm probably colonized by VRE, MRSA, TB and C. diff at this point. If I don't post in the next week or so, no worries...i'm in the ICU with IV abx.

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Albinoblackbear said...

Glad to hear you are (sort of) still alive and allowing various superbugs to use you as a vector.
I'm working on post in response to your comment.
When you re-surface in a few weeks stop by and check it. I've been wanting to rant about self-centered ED patients and you gave me a good segue. Thanks!

Hope the rest of your rotation improves. And look at it this way--would you rather be in the hospital or memorizing physics formulas? If you chose the latter then you are more far gone than I thought.

Happy retracting!