And so it begins

In about T-8 hours, I'll officially begin third year. Not going to lie...I'm a little nervous because it's surgery and I'm still a bit hazy on exactly what I'm supposed to do on a daily basis. It seems to be a learn as you go sort of thing, so that looks like the plan for now.

Anyway, I celebrated my nation's independence from the land-grubbing Brits with copious amounts of alcohol, unhealthy food and precious little sleep. I'm quite relaxed, but about 3/4's of the way to my first MI...I think my cholesterol is pushing 400 right now.

I'll let you know tomorrow how orientation goes


Dragonfly said...

I wish you much strong coffee before the orientation.

Resident Anesthesiologist Guy (RAG) said...

Know the Parkland formula. 4ml/kg/%bsa for burned patients. The first rotation on my 3rd year was killed by the chair b/c they didn't know that - even though it's not something you'd know coming straight out of step 1.

Good luck...it will be interesting.

radioactive girl said...

Good luck!

The Lone Coyote said...

Learn how to tie knots at the orientation and practice them when you can. It is one thing they might let you do in the OR on your first rotation. If you do some element of trauma always have your trauma shears on you so you can jump in.

You'll be fine. Expectations will be low and if you know your patients well, answer a couple of questions in the OR, and don't complain you'll do great. Kick some ass! :)