Figured out where I stand...

Tuition to east coast medical school: $45,000/year
Inflated NY cost of living: $20,000/year
Books, supplies, etc: $ 1,000/year
Years of higher education: 4 undergraduate, 2 medical

Realizing that you're at the absolute bottom of the totem because meticulous details laid out in your your orientation were wrong thrice, you were ignored by every nurse in the hospital while trying to remedy the SNAFUs and it took one attending about 10 calls to various residents to find someone to teach us to scrub in after a nurse reamed him a new one:

Some things in life money can buy, for everything else there's surgery.


Albinoblackbear said...

nurses...gotta love 'em!


M said...

Sounds like a crazy start to the military regime that is surgery! Good luck, and looking forward to hearing more!

Dragonfly said...

Reamed him a new one....that happened to me the first time I scrubbed in. My sympathies.
Unfortunately this does not mean it will not happen again, it will to a lesser degree as every theatre has a slightly different way to do it. If in doubt...ask. Hope the rest of the surgical experience goes better. I hesitate to say the words "there is nowhere to go but up".