25 years ago...

25 years ago, there was a child born in Massachusetts that would become the Bostonian in NY. 2lb, 8 oz of premature, grade A baby.

He promptly urinated on his new pediatrician within 5 seconds of birth...classy.

This year he's celebrating with a quarter life crisis-of-self: wondering why he's spending over 80 hours a week in the hospital doing NOTHING, why he has conceeded his entire third decade of life to medicine, and why he has lost all semblance of fun in his life for the past month.


Albinoblackbear said...

Happy Peeing on Pediatrician Day!!! (maybe you should reenact that at the hospital now...)

Glad my idiocy gave you a chuckle

Chin up. "This too shall pass..."


Dragonfly said...

Happy 25th trip around the sun!!

M said...

Happy 25th. I'm far too uncreative to pen some variation of "Happy birthday!" but the sentiment is the same.

I wonder what kind of strange upbringing convinces children to go into medicine. Is it a traumatic event in childhood? A protein deficiency? It is a mystery.

Go save some lives.

radioactive girl said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...


Good luck.