What better way to celebrate being alive in America than gorging on super greasy meats, consuming too much beer, yelling and screaming at overweight men in spandex on a large-screen LCD TV and watching stupid commercials? GOD BLESS AMERICA (and the cath lab)!!!!!

Hopefully the good Eli Manning shows up (like week 17) and makes this an interesting game...LETS GO PATS!!!! (This was the overtime kick that began the dynasty...I was sitting on the metal benches, about 5 rows from the top of good-ol' Foxboro Stadium. I payed about 3 times what the ticket was worth, and another $30 for parking, walked about 2 miles in the snow to the stadium along Rt 1, shivered/froze in the 20 degree blizzard, was disappointed/angered through 3 quarters of mediocre football, couldn't even legally buy a beer because I was 19, and then witnessed one of the greatest 4th quarter comebacks of all time. THAT made it all worth it.)

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The Lone Coyote said...

Sorry for your loss. It was a great game, especially at the end.