One of those days

Do you just ever have one of those days where the world conspires to keep you from being productive?

9AM- Roll out of bed ready to rock and slam about 30 pages of Robbins down
10 AM- After showering and breakfast, I get a text reminding me about a brunch that I agreed to attend
11:30 AM- Old college friend calls to catch up, cant get him off the phone for an hour
12:30 PM- Finally get down to studying
1:30 PM- Free lunch for Chinese New Year
2:30 PM- Check on friend who just found out her father is dying and has to fly across the country
3:30 PM- Get stuff from library to study with friend
7 PM- Free dinner
9 PM- Leave free dinner to check email, call girlfriend
10 PM- Open blogger, get distracted by 35 other things
10:27 PM- post blog
11-12 PM- read Robbins until unconscious, go to bed
12-1 AM- lay in bed angry at self for not getting enough done today. Fall asleep, start a similar day tomorrow

Pages of Robbins read: 11
Percentage of optimistic work goal met: 32%
Efficiency of studying: 5 of 16 waking hours (less than 35% efficient study day)

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