Better living through pharmacology!

I've been destroying my sleep architecture for years with alarm clocks, caffeine abuse and late nights writing blogs/studying/partying/goofing off. It's pretty sad when I look back and consider that the majority of my waking hours are regulated by caffeine. But it's a necessary and acceptable evil in my world.

To make matters worse, I'm now having trouble falling asleep. So after reading Pharm all day, I've decided to chemically regulate my sleep habits with a touch of diphenyhydramine and some melatonin. I doubt that the melatonin will do anything since there's no proof that it even crosses the BBB, but the diphenyhydramine is definitely kicking in now so I'm gonna go catch some Z's.


Mel said...

I'd say something about substance abuse and caffeine dependence if I were a bastard hypocrite.

1) I'm not sure if Gloria Jean's exists in America, but for the record, I'm a coffee barista. I suppose that says it all.

2) Zolpidem is my poison. Really, we should know better.

Bostonian in NY said...

I do know better, I just need to get some semblance of sleep before exams. My sleep architecture is so f'd up right now because of caffeine and a few stupidly spent late nights that I'll probably spend the better part of a month getting back to normal, only to screw it up again with another exam.

Gloria Jeans does exist in the US, on a very limited scale. Where I'm from, it's all about the Dunkin Donuts. When I was a whipper snapper, there were no baristas or anything like that (ok...so there were, but they were all the way across town and there were 3 DD's within 2 minutes of my school). Just nice Brazilian immigrants slinging enormous vats of liquid rocket-fuel and bagels while I skipped first period study-hall in high school with my friends...how I miss the year 2000.