Well, I actually managed to survive and pass both of my exams. Path was probably the most angst-inducing exam that I have ever been subjected to. 3 hours, 168 questions. I'd say for about 20%, the extent of my knowledge of the subject was covered in the question and the answers were just flat out beyond what I had absorbed from the readings.

Micro was mercifully fair, except for the level of depth we were expected to know about fungi...which I neglected to cram into my already over-full brain. Overall, last friday was a rough go at it for me and I'll need to severely modify my exam preparation techniques if I'm going to make it out of this year alive. I questioned my worthiness as a medical student a few times, and even pondered a career in the fast food industry for a few minutes. But I survived, with only a few gray hairs to show for it.

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