Parallel Universe

Sometimes when I'm dealing with other medical students, I feel like I'm entering a parallel universe where human interaction and expression of emotion has become some weird hybrid of what it should be. Granted, I was born and raised in New England which makes me a bit emotionally stunted, thereby warping my perspective slightly. But I digress...

Seriously though, a production is made out of every little happening. Case in point: I tried to go out to dinner with my room mates last night...a simple task in my former life. But here in the Twilight Zone, the roommates disagree on time and no compromise can be reached. This leads to other grievances being aired, crossing of arms/stamping of feet, awkwardly silent rides to the restaurant, awkward silences over dinner, and general discomfort for the Bostonian in the middle of all of this. Oh and the temper tantrums...don't forget those.

I've noticed that this toddler/kindergarten level of maturity also extends thorough a good portion of my class and it's frustrating to think that I will have to cater to these types of personalities for the rest of my career. Hooray future doctors of America!!!

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