A word on curriculum

Dearest Medical School Scheduler,

You obviously do not have a life outside of scheduling my medical school exams, or access to an up-to-date calendar for that matter. I would just like to inform you that I have begun to take offense to the lousy job you have done. Your first mistake came by scheduling an exam THE MONDAY AFTER THE SUPERBOWL. You apparently are oblivious that it is a national day of recovery following the consumption of massive amounts of food and delicious, delicious beer...but instead of enjoying that most sacred sporting event that only comes once a year, I was relegated to half-assedly study while trying to catch some of the game. I can forgive you for that slip, because my beloved Pats had been knocked out much earlier in the playoffs by the unholy Colts in a most disappointing fashion (Peyton, you're going down this year buddy...Randy Moss...receiver problem solved).

But then, oh wise keeper of the master calendar, you scheduled another exam the Monday following Daylight Savings Time. I can also let that slide this time, because the unexpected three week move in the "springing ahead of the clocks" only deprived me of an hour of precious sleep. You could not have forseen the unexpected act of congress to save energy by giving us more waking hours in the sun. I only checked my alarm clock, and my roomate's alarm clocks 5 times before I could finally close my eyes and sleep that horrible pre-exam sleep.

Really though, you could have cut us a break this week and maybe spread things out a little bit. But, NO, you scheduled 5 exams within 9 days. Did you think that I wouldn't notice the beautiful mid-June weather outside of my apartment? Did you think that I would really be focused in the 11 lectures you scheduled two days before the exams? Didn't you realize that I wouldn't actually care by the end of the third consecutive day of testing? To be completely honest, I'm more or less out of the running for any distinction in these classes and I need a 36 on the finals to pass...I'm burnt out after a year of your abuse, exhausted from the studying and living on Subway, Red Bull and Dunkin Donuts for my sustenance.

If I ever find out who you are, I'm going to head on over to payroll and have them "rearrange" your work schedule. I know you had your heart set on checking out the opening night of this year's Shakespeare in the Park production, but sorry you're stuck in your cubicle all weekend. Thank you for your continual (lack of) consideration for my sleep patterns, success in medical school and mental health.

Bostonian in NY
Class of 2010

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The Lone Coyote said...

LOL, sounds like things are run about as well in the East as they are out here.