Novel Homeopathic Therapy

3:40AM- Rash

click-click...sweet this will take 5 minutes to dispo...WTF

Nurse was convinced it was scabies...it wasn't.

Turns out one of the frequent flyers was in not for his usual drunken altercation with facial trauma but for his poison ivy...for the 4th visit in 48 hours. For the fourth time, he was discharged with instructions to GO TO THE PHARMACY AND GET SOME HYDROCORTISONE and BENADRYL.

Dr. Bostonian: Have you gone to the pharmacy yet?...hydrocortisone costs like $3
Frequent Flyer: I don't have ANY money...do you have any here, any samples?
Dr. B: No, we're the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT...Have you tried anything else?
FF: Yeah I rub alcohol on it, which doesn't help
Dr. B: Rubbing alcohol?
FF: No...beer...I figure it has alcohol in it and that might help
Dr. B: Hold off on 2 beers and buy some hydrocortisone...this will go away with time
FF: No samples???
Dr. B: NO...pharmacy won't even send that here! This is an emergency department...poison ivy is not technically an emergency, you follow up at the free clinic tomorrow and maybe they can help you out with samples. I have to go deal with a sick patient, I'll get you your discharge papers...

In his defense it did look very itchy...

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