A couple days off

It's been nice to have an orientation month to ease into things. I spent the weekend home moving my stuff out of my mom's house, met a few of my med school friends for dinner in Boston, came back my apartment with beer supplies in hand and brewed up a nice Belgian Witbier with a clone of Abita's Turbodog on the way sometime this week. I also managed to fit in an 11.5 mile run yesterday and one of my classmates took me into the Adirondaks for some backcountry crack climbing and assorted shenanigans.

I think I work on thursday and friday followed by a weekend of backpacking in the high peaks, followed by vacation the first week of August, my birthday plans of packing a UHaul full of my girlfriend's stuff and driving FOREVER from Arlington, VA upstate...but I guess her moving in is my present.

Quick story: Reason #1 why upstate NY is awesome- the people are so damned nice. I lost my wallet at a lake-side beach this evening after hopping in to cool down. By the time I got home, I had a text from one of my co-residents notifying me that I had lost it and a call from a guy who had it in his posession and was willing to meet tomorrow to hand it off. I am so lucky that I didn't get my life stolen, my meager finances ransacked, etc.

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