47 f-ing RBCs and other fun...

So I got to do my first LP in the department the other day...heavily supervised by one of the more intimidating docs. He was actually quite the patient individual while teaching one on one. He did a great job of teaching in a friendly manner and not making the patient flip the fuck out because I'm doing it for the first time...

The LP goes smoothly, and I'm in the spinal canal on my first stick get the opening pressure and everything looks great...I'm thinking CHAMPAGNE TAP!!!! No...47 f-ing RBCs

Anyway, life is good and I have a few days off before my next shift, so I decided to swing home for the weekend to grab the remainder of my stuff...just to grab my stuff and hang out with my brothers. I also got a chance to swing by my local homebrew store to snag supplies for a delicious belgian witbeir and a clone of Abita Turbodog.

I've had a pair of Vibram five fingers (the toe shoes) for a few months and I decided to try them out for a short run. I had no problems and felt great after the run but I've spent the past two days hobbling around from the most hardcore soleus pain I've ever had. Hopefully it'll be more tolerable for my next run tomorrow before I head back to NY.

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Old MD Girl said...

My first LP was on an encephlopathic patient. She was ZONKED!! I wouldn't have it any other way. So much easier to ask the idiotic questions when you know that the patient is totally out of it.

I'm curious how the 5 fingers toe gloves work out for you. I've been thinking about a pair for myself. Keep us posted.