Post exam weeks are sweet

I always have a strange feeling the day after an exam. Some may call it a "hangover" from the massive quantities of alcohol that I consumed post-exam. Other's may call it the feeling of being completely aimless. After over a week of hard-core studying before the exam I'm left to wonder what to do with my "free time". There's like two lectures to study, I'm still cathcing up on sleep from the week of falling asleep dreaming of the extra-pyramidal motor system and the various interactions of psych drugs. I've still got mandatory crap to do on campus, so as much as I would like to disappear into the woods for a week or so with my backpack, my dog and a good book, I can't.

The week after exams are some of the most fun times that I've had in med school. Everyone breathes a collective sigh of "Thank God that's over..." and comes out from the crappy fluorescent lights of the library and socializes again. At the BBQ's and parties, I'm reminded of what good friends I've met here and the fact that we're enduring the pain in the ass that is medical education, together.

I guess that I've breathed the same sigh, subconsciously. I was in a pretty bad mood for the past week or so (as evidenced by my previous posts), but now I'm starting to feel relatively like myself again. I guess part of the change in mood comes from realizing that the first two years of med school are completely what you make out of them. They can be a gut-wrenching struggle where you live in the classroom/library and never see the light of day or it can be your full time 9-5 "job" with occasional weekends of work around exam time. I'm trying to take the latter approach, and see how it works for me on this last set of exams, so I won't end up having to cram as much before exams as I have all year.

4 weeks and 5 exams to summer.

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