Exams weeks blow

It's Satudrday night/Sunday morning and campus is quiet. Lights are still on in the apartments, which is not all that much later than usual. But there is one marked difference: the deathly silence. No music blaring from the building across the street, no drunk people screaming outside the door, no laughter...just the suburban night.

There really is nothing like the feeling of exam week in medical school. It's the time when all of your choices over the past few weeks come back to bite you in the ass...like that time that I decided to play beruit until 2 in the morning instead of studying two days after the last exam, or that time that I decided to go grocery shopping instead of studying, or that time that I decided to go to my friend's engagement party instead of studying, or that time that I slept...yeah that was bad and lazy of me.

And if it's not bad enough that I have to deal with my own personal level of stress, it seems like the 200 or so people that I'm in constant contact/confinement (choose your term) with are also just as stressed out. The combo of sleep deprivation, insecurity and caffeine/nicotine/whatever that kid is snorting off his desk just creates an air of tension. This can either erupt as some pretty funny sleep deprived moments or as snippy annoying interactions.

I guess there's a certain comfort in knowing that you're completely screwed...wish me luck

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