USMLE World...

Is slowly killing me. Although, it is GREAAAAT at exposing the weaknesses in my fund of knowledge: Apparently I suck at peds and psych. And the roller-coaster of performance isn't very confidence inspiriting either.

I've also noticed a disturbing trend in reviewing questions: the longer I go with questions during the day, the worse I do. The earlier in the day and the more awake I am, the better at thinking I am...but after a long day on the wards when I come home and try to get through my questions, I can get through a section alright, but the second section of the day tends to be worse every time.

Oh well...14 more days of this stuff until the real thing!


Albinoblackbear said...

I had to click on your previous post even though I knew exactly where it was going--the Walken photo! hahahah

I think that was the first post I ever read of yours and I was sold. (Is it just me or did you change the picture to a bigger one?? It seemed more intense this time around...haha)

Be strong! Study hard! You'll rock it.

The Lone Coyote said...

By the end of the damn Q-Bank you will know all the Peds and Psych you need. Just keep plugging away. It'll come together.