3.5 days left...AAAAAH

Lappy is now back and fully functional thanks to its third motherboard and the nice technician that came out to install it! I spent most of Saturday on campus using the computers there (shudder) and had some serious flashbacks to my first two years of med school. Luckily one of my friends let me borrow one of his 3 computers and I managed to get by alright.

I had been thinking about postponing my CK for a week and Saturday's little FML incident nearly pushed me over the edge. The constant 5 week beating from USMLE World had completely eroded my confidence, and I have been watching my average slowly decline over the past week. So I took one of the NBME exams just to see how I did, and it was in the acceptable range...so I'm sticking with my date this Friday. I'm self-imposing a blogging ban since I have like 3.5 days of studying left, but I'll put something up afterwards.

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