Post Match

With all of this Post-Match hoopla, I'm feeling pretty good about things. My school matched a bunch to MA based EM residencies, so I'm pretty pumped about my prospects of getting back up to the Boston area.

The downside of being a second year is that everything seems so far away when you have the rest of path, step 1, a year of mandatory clerkships, Step 2, aways, ERAS, and interviews to get through. Looking behind me though, I'm almost done with Pre-clinical. I just have a few more pre-clinical requisites to get through include my Male GU exam this weekend/the second time I have to put a finger into someone's rectum for a check mark.

I'll probably be away from the blog for another 2 weeks since we have exams coming up and I'm behind as usual...

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Anonymous said...

Your clerkships will fly by and you'll be at the application stage before you know it. And then in 4th year you'll have time to breathe, eat healthy meals, sleep and possibly enjoy the 'break' before your internship. Its like being a high school senior again before being dropped back down to freshman status.

Good luck with your goals -posting your 'jogblog' in your sidebar is a good idea.