Goals and Expectations

Most people think of their new year's resolutions in December/January and break them by February. Since I'm an amazing procrastinator, I've set a few new goals for myself over the next few months:

- Finish out the year on a strong note (ie stop slacking off!!!)
- Carry that momentum through studying for the boards (June 23rd...yikes)
- Do above average on the boards (220-230 range)
- Keep running a couple times a week to maintain sanity/health
- Go into 3rd year with a positive attitude, especially with our school's "academic mecca" surgical clerkship in July as my first rotation
- Come out with a decent grade and something positive from the experience to set the tone for family vacation medicine and the rest of the year
- Finish a half marathon with girlfriend in October
- Help my brother do some work on his new house this summer and stay in better touch with him
- Overcome the relentless beer potomania that arises with every path study session

I'll let you know how they go.

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