Re-dienchanted again...

I pretty much have the non-hormonal, non-gonadal, medical education-based version of PMS these days. I'm deeming the acronym NHNGMEB-PMS. At my lovely institution, epidemic NHNGMEB-PMS seems to flair up every 6 weeks with intense spasms of anxiety, grouchiness, eating crappy food, not sleeping well, excessive caffeine consumption and excessive distractability. I think it's spread by the special human body louse that lives inside every copy of Robbins. The natural reservior seems to be restricted to second year medical students. There's another variant that affects first year medical students to a similar degree, but the etiology and timing is slightly different. I'm sure it happens other places with different frequencies.

Anyway, it's just about exam time again and I've been studying diligently for the past several weeks, I've even been ahead of the game at a few points. Now that I'm getting closer to exam time and taking some practice exams...they're not looking so hot. I don't actually know what I am doing wrong, or how many more lines of Robbins I could memorize and randomly recall at the whim of a very convoluted "All of the following, except" type multiple choice question. That combined with one of the hardest sections in Path (Blood cell disorders and Cancer) is not making for a very rewarding studying experience.

Such is life here however, I'll do what I can, but it's not going to be pretty getting these exams back. I wasn't exactly in the running for AOA in this lifetime, but I'd at-least like to be riding high on the curve (i.e. not failing miserably). Putting a positive twist on it: maybe having to know this level of detail now will make the USMLE's seem a little bit easier????

I'm off to bury my face in some Micro...and boost my ego a little by not miserably failing a practice exam...I'll post after the exam.

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