For those of you that don't know...today is affectionately known in the academic medical world as Black Monday...the monday before the actual match. You get an email in your inbox at 11:57 AM titled "DID I MATCH?". Double click. Valsalva... Sphincter clench.........F*&^ING LOAD ALREADY!!!!!

Congratulations! You have matched.

Check the Match Site at https://services.nrmp.org/r3/ on Thursday, March 18, 2010, at 1:00 PM eastern time to find out where you matched.
Exhale...Try not to be creeped out by my 6'4, bearded friend who is both crying and hugging me in joy. Go back to radiology class...

I'm pretty convinced that the NRMP consists of a bunch of sadomasochists performing a massive social experiment on one of the most anxiety prone segments of the population. I mean really...I've spent the past 4 years studying until I died, reading Robbins until my eyes hurt, taking board exams, doing the scuttiest of scut, being demeaned by every level of the health profession (Janitor to CEO), running all over the northeastern US dressed up in a suit answering stupid questions about my personal life and agonizing over where I want to spend the next 4 years of my life, just to get to this point...the match.

At noon on Thursday, all of us lemmings will simultaneously open our envelopes and finally know where the hell we're going in June...every range of human emotion will be played out. Exciting? Yes. Nerve wracking? Yes...I'll be starting a course of protonix tomorrow morning to ward off the ulcer. And partying...lots of partying...because beer is cheaper than anxiolytics.

Match day is coming...if you know a fourth year med student, please give him/her a hug, share a refreshing adult carbohydrate beverage and reassure them that everything will be all right.


Albinoblackbear said...

I send ye a virtual Guinness from the Motherland and say (with deep male voice Irish accent): "good luck young man! You have worked hard and surely your efforts have not gone unnoticed. May the fruits of your labor end you up where you want to go".

Everything will be alright! :)

The Lone Coyote said...

Hey dude, hope Match Day went well for you. Now you can hopefully enjoy the sweetness that is the end of 4th year. Congrats.

Albinoblackbear said...

And sooooooooo.....did you get what you hoped for?