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I know that I've been a bad blogger...but 4th year has been sort of more than I thought it would be.

What have I been up to since October when I used the blog as a procrastination tool for step 2?
  1. Training for my first marathon in March, sort of half-assing it through partly due to weather, partly due to interviews/traveling and partly due to laziness
  2. Residency interviews- invited to 16, went to 14 and ranked 13 with some really phenomenal programs in the mix. We'll see where that goes on March 18th at noon. There's a significant chance that I could remain a Bostonian in NY for a few years to come...saving me that awkward blog transition.
  3. I was either at home doing nothing worth writing about, on the road, skiing or sitting in the library on my tox rotation...nothing really to write about
  4. SubI- I'm on my medicine subI right now and it is everything I hate in the medical world with a fucking beeper attached to my hip. And it never stops buzzing for the stupidest shit...case in point happened today:
  • "Are you covering X?"
  • no, I was last night though
  • "Do you know who is?"
  • nope, there's like 100 patients on the medicine service, 12 interns and 6 subI's. If you look at the bottom of any progress note, the pager number for the intern is there
  • "I didn't want to have to walk alllll the way over to the chart rack"
  • glad I could help
Anywho, subI is crushing my soul and providing plenty of fodder, rage and learned helplessness for me to polute the interwebs with. You'll note the new privacy settings...I was getting sick of spam comments. Anyway...gotta get up in a few hours, might as well sleep.


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radioactive girl said...

I'm so glad you are back!

I am jealous that you get to train for a marathon. Although I have done lots of triathlons (Sprint and Olympic distance only), I have never done a marathon (yet) and hope to get a chance to train for one soon.