Some good reading lately

Since I've been taking a little bit of a break from writing, I've had some more time to keep up with my blog reading list between my shifts and studying to get up to speed. Here are some of the highlights:

White Coat's Trial- this has been a phenomenal series to follow. It highlights some of WC's thoughts going through the trial, the process of being sued as a physician and how malpractice attorneys exploit documentation to build their case. Very insightful!

Ed Leap has a great post about why EM is hard written in his wonderfully insightful manner

The Central Line is the new ACEP blog tackling all sorts of EM-related issues from policy to practice. Grahm from Over!My!Med!Body! is one of the contributing authors with guest posts from Shadowfax.

The ever-cantankerous Panda Bear has been back with some good stuff over on his blog.

ABB is starting to make her transition from the world or EM nursing to Medical School at the RCSI...I'll bet she'll have some good stuff about her transition. One of the best recent posts was about running a code on a neonate and the aftermath.

Finally, the fake doctor is back from his year long hiatus and has a new Healtcare policy blog that he's using to explore the new US health care quagmire. White Coat and The Central Line also have alot of policy content these days...each with a slightly different angle.

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The Lone Coyote said...

I'm glad to see some old "friends" writing again. I had found Panda Bear's SDN blog awhile back. Great stuff.