Suck it third year

Sorry for the long lapse between posts...I was studying for my medicine exams, planning fourth year and moving, etc.

Finished my medicine shelf last friday and OSCE last Sunday...so I'm essentially onto 4th year of med school!!!!

Since then I've been couch-surfing down in Brooklyn while working in one of our affiliated ED's in Manhattan...more on that later though. For now I'm going for a nice long run in Prospect park, and I'm going to catch up on some of the non-medical parts of life...which involves a decent amount of driving around in circles up and down the east coast...I've got another week here in the ED then home for a few days next weekend, then down to see the GF down in DC for a few days. Then I've been conned into helping out with orientation for the rising third years...so it's back to NY for a few days and then my last few days of freedom before I spend the summer in some of the busier EDs in Massachusetts doing what I love to do!!! Oughtta be fun...

I'll try to get some of my better post ideas up before I'm stuck studying my face off for the summer and hanging out with my fam and the Boston crew. 

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Dragonfly said...

Congratulations. Enjoy the couch surfing :-)