Sorry for the long Hiatus...I've been secluded away on OB/GYN away from my apartment. Between spotty interwebs access (leading to lost posts), sleep deprivation and about 30 other excuses, I haven't really had time or energy for writing much. But now the shelf exam is looming, so it's time to procrastinate.

Now when I say secluded, I mean I've been living a semi-monastic lifestyle for the past 5 weeks of the rotation. Considering that I quite litereally live in the hospital...I'm not at all suprised. But hey...it's free and I was able to sublet my apartment for a decent amount...can't complain too much. I also just got my first digtal camera (thank you Circuit City for closing), so it's time for a look inside of the monastic, semi-deprived life of the Bostonian in NY. Enjoy.

Here is the semi-anonymous hospital...if it weren't for the stupid banners touting how amazing the hospital is (and it is), you'd probably just think it was some ugly federal building.

Here is the tiny little dorm room that I've called home. Note the bottle of scotch sitting on the window sill, the lappy and general clutter everywhere. I'm in study mode...back off.

Here's the reverse view of the place...yeah I'm messy, so what. You try working my hours...;)

Anyway, I have a few posts in the chute and Psych coming up next so I'll have some decent content over the next 6 weeks or so...enjoy


Albinoblackbear said...

YAY! You're back, and with a stylish sheet/window covering I see! :P

Dragonfly said...

My desk often looks like that (except bottle of gin or rum). No laptop right now as I fried it last night :-(
Glad to have you back.

M said...

HURRAH! Bostonian's back! I like the snazzy photos. Visuals are always pleasantly distracting.

Enjoying the baby catching?