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Sorry I haven't posted in a while....just haven't been inspired to write and haven't really had anything interesting.

Just to update, the remainder of neuro went well and I had one excellent preceptor and one medicore preceptor. The excellent doc was one of the best educators that I have ever met. He cared about us learning more than the neuro exam...he wanted to be a role model for us and to educate our entire person...what a breath of fresh air. The other guy just didn't want to do work and blew us off...which was good for studying but bad for learning practically. The shelf sucked, but that's what I expected. Now it's onto peds.

Anyway, I was sent this article by a classmate and wanted to post a link to it: Medical Student Burnout

I'm pretty sure this will be me in about 10 years sitting around with my classmate recalling how miserable I was. The years of my life spent isolated from the real world, real people is starting to wear on me. The single persuit of nothing but medical knowledge is eroding who I am...but I'm too in debt now to back out. Today for instance, I finished my work by 4:30 PM and had to sit around waiting to sign out until nearly 7 PM. In that time I wrote 1 note, discharged 1 patient, attended 4 hours of lecture, and 2 sets of teaching rounds.

Was it a fulfilling day? NO!!!
Did anyone get better because of what I did today??? NO!!!
Did anyone get worse because of what I did today??? I certainly hope not, but I'll find out in the morning I guess.

I've said it a few times in the past, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I niavely just convinced myself that I would have no problem being a great doctor because I'm a pretty smart guy who listens and cares a whole bunch. HA...if I had only known. Anyway take a gander at the article, it's interesting to see this doc's look back at medical school. I found it to reflect my feelings many times.

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Dragonfly said...

Good to see so much more awareness of med student mental health. Not sure what will change it though...having seen people I know try and kill themselves (not necessarily medicine or just medicine, plenty of non medical people try it as well), and seeing a large number of people suffering from depression or drinking themselves silly as a coping mechanism (or smoking dope).