A life more ordinary...

I received the following comment from one of the 2 people who read my drivel:

"Ahem...remember that time you had a blog??
It's like you have a life or something...

It's not that I have a life all of a sudden, it's that I can't find anything interesting to write about and I've had a pretty awesome pneumonia going on for the past week...just to put that one to rest.

So surgery ended last Friday with perhaps the most difficult exam I have ever taken. It was my first clinical shelf exam and being such it was full of long-winded questions with some fairly obvious presentations and lots of medicine questions that were complicated by the fact that I haven't had medicine yet...it was rough to say the least but I passed with all of the mediocrity that has been the hallmark of my medical education

Anyway, I've been on Family Medicine for the past week and it is pretty sweet to be able to sit down with a patient from start to finish, leave at the end of the day with the sun still shining and focus on my non-hospital life again by doing normal person things like buying groceries, sleeping, meeting people for dinner/drinks, and general human life. I was even able to run a few times...that is until I ended up with a cough and a fever that became productive and included bilateral crackles in the lower lobes (God I feel awful). I -gasp- saw the NP at school and she fixed me up with a really nice macrolide and some mucinex without a co-pay or anything and was very nice about adding a few interesting teaching points while I tried to keep my lungs in my chest.

On the navel gazing front, I've decided that surgery is probably not the right choice for a career for me. Having a life outside of the hospital is an incredible thing...I can read, I can eat properly and I can be a nearly complete human being again! So the status quo of EM will be maintained for now.

That's really it...I wish I had something interesting to say. I'll probably not have anything posted for another week or so becaue girlfriend is coming to visit this weekend if I make it until then...I've got a few interesting posts brewing in the back of my mind.


radioactive girl said...

I read your blog too! I just can never seem to think of anything intelligent to comment so I read silently.

Bostonian in NY said...

Okay, okay Radgirl, you're my second most frequent reader!

I have a similar problem, I can never think of anything intelligent to blog about!!!

Albinoblackbear said...

Glad to hear you:

a)are still alive (sort of)
b)have been enjoying the good life (when not busy drowning in your own sputum)
c)get to see your GF soon (probably not soon enough)
d)accessed the medical system in a cost effective manner (but couldn't you have taken some samples of moxi from the GP clinic and spared yourself the teaching??) :)

Was starting to worry that maybe you'd gotten lost in the land of implants. Wait. That came out wrong.

Get better.


The Lone Coyote said...

Congrats on surviving surgery. Having a life outside the hospital is very, very nice. And it helps you stay healthy too. Hope you're feeling better now.

M said...

I'm a reader, obviously. I just never have anything intelligent to say. ("Interesting post! I'm sure I'd say something more insightful if I wasn't experiencing caffeine intoxication and anticipating a HUGE EXAM!" isn't worth the time it would take to load.)

Having a life outside of medicine is such a weird thing. I'm a god stupid first year and I'm already having trouble connecting with non-med people. Putting social acquaintances into "med" and "non-med" categories is something I've never been comfortable with but it's becoming inevitable. Some old friends and I met up for drinks on Friday night and the conversation was stilted and awkward. I had nothing to say to them. ("What've you been up to lately?" "Oh, we just finished our first health maintenance module, focusing on cardiovascular physiology." "No, I mean, besides medicine." "...I watched the new Batman movie?" "That movie's not new anymore," is a basic summary of the night.)

I've developed social dystrophy. That or I've just become really bored of people. On the other hand, hey, I read and I go grocery and literature shopping! Ok, going to go boil my head now.

Glad to hear you've finished the Rotation From Hell with your head in tact.